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Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 

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Tilbury Dogs Would Be Better Off At World-Renowned Sanctuary

Dog Tales responds to concerns voiced by the OSPCA regarding 21 Tilbury dogs slated for euthanasia.

Tilbury Dogs Would Be Better Off At World-Renowned Sanctuary



March 19, 2016

On March 18th, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary traveled to Chatham, Ontario to appear in court for a second time in hopes of saving 21 innocent dogs seized from a fighting ring by the OSPCA that are now at risk of euthanasia. A motion to intervene as a party was served to both the crown and the defence on Tuesday, and the motion was filed with the court on Friday morning. It is important to note that the purpose of this court date was not to hear intervenor applications, but to set a date for a pre-trial hearing. Court was adjourned and a date was set for April 18th at 2:30 p.m. There is debate between the Crown and the Defence concerning whether intervenor applications should be argued in front of a Justice or a JP, and whether the fate of the dogs should be dealt with before or after the criminal charges, and, as such, it is still somewhat uncertain as to whether the motions will be argued at this time. Despite this, John Nunziata, lawyer for Dog Tales, stood up and made a heartfelt plea to the court requesting that Dog Tales be granted custody of the dogs on an interim basis until these matters are properly addressed. John argued that it is unfair that the dogs remain in limbo, with no known attempts at rehabilitation being made, for what could be a lengthy court process, when Dog Tales is willing to take them and begin the rehabilitation process immediately. Unfortunately this request was not granted by the court at this time. Dog Tales believes that failing to provide the rehabilitation readily offered is doing a disservice to these dogs, who have already been held in isolation for 5 months.

“While I do not doubt that the dogs are being cared for while in the custody of the OSPCA, these dogs have been slated for death, and, to our knowledge, no attempts at rehabilitation have been made. Continuing to house the dogs with no attempts at rehabilitation when a group has come forward offering to begin the process immediately is not in the best interest of the dogs.” said John Nunziata, lawyer for Dog Tales. “The location of the dogs has not been disclosed and little is known about where and how they are being housed, however Dog Tales is a world-renowned facility, akin to a five star hotel for dogs, and it is certain that the dogs would be far more comfortable at Dog Tales.”

“We have 21 open rooms at the ready awaiting their arrival. Our team is prepared to begin the rehabilitation process immediately, and we believe that their prolonged incarceration will only make the rehabilitation process more difficult.” said Clare Forndran, Media Director for Dog Tales. “Dog fighting is a very serious issue that affects far more than the 21 dogs involved in this case, and we are forever grateful to the OSPCA for not only rescuing the dogs from these conditions, but also for their ongoing work to stop dog fighting in Ontario. Dog Tales simply wishes to finish what the OSPCA started, and we are lucky to be in a position where we have the facility, the team, and the resources to do just that.”

“Our lawyer [John Nunziata] is an expert in political strategy, a key element in any case dealing with dogs affected by Breed Specific Legislation, and has been practicing law since 1982. We have been very impressed by his creative approach and fresh perspective on this case. John has access to experts in animal law, and is a passionate dog lover and owner himself.” said Clare Forndran, Media Director at Dog Tales.

Dog Tales will continue to push forward, and is fully committed to leaving no stone unturned in order to save these 21 lives.


1. 31 dogs were seized from a suspected fighting ring in Tilbury on October 9, 2015.
2. On December 18th three dogs were euthanized for “behavioural and health concerns”.
3. On January 27th, Inspector Brad Dewar, on behalf of the OSPCA, submitted an application to the court requesting the euthanization of 21 of the remaining dogs.
4. To date, two motions to intervene have been filed. One by Dog Tales, and one by Bullies In Need. A third motion by Animal Justice is expected to be filed in the upcoming week.
5. Bullies In Need is a foster-based rescue that works to send dogs affected by Ontario’s Breed Specific Legislation out of province. Bullies In Need is asking the court for an independent evaluation of the dogs, and plans to disperse any dogs that their expert thinks can be rehabilitated amongst a number of rescues outside of Ontario who will eventually adopt them to permanent homes.
6. Animal Justice is an animal rights group that fights for the legal rights of all animals. Their team of lawyers promotes animal protection legislation, pushes for the prosecution of animal abusers, and fight for animals in court. Animal Justice intends to demand an independent assessment of the dogs, and will provide the court with expert testimony promoting the transfer and rehabilitation of the dogs over euthanasia.
7. Dog Tales is a private rescue facility in King City that specializes in the care, rehabilitation and adoption of abused and neglected animals from around the world. Dog Tales is asking for an independent assessment of the dogs by world-renowned dog trainer Brian Kilcommons, and is committed to taking in all 21 dogs regardless of any behavioral concerns noted so that all are given the second chance at life that they deserve. Dog Tales frequently takes in dog-aggressive dogs that other rescues and shelters are unable to handle, and has taken dogs from the OSPCA in the past. Dog Tales currently has a full-time staff of 40, including experts in dog care, rehabilitation and training. Dog Tales will work to rehabilitate the dogs alongside a team of professionals assembled by Kilcommons so that each dog is given the individual time and attention required. Dog Tales will seek appropriate out-of-province homes for any dogs that can be rehabilitated, and will provide a loving forever home for any that cannot. These dogs will be walked 8 times daily, will have access to therapy pools and kilometers of walking trails, and will stay in oversized, comfortably furnished rooms. Dog Tales is willing to allow the OSPCA to be as involved in the rehabilitation process as they would like to be, including sending officers to regularly monitor the progress of the dogs, or having final say in any potential adoptions.
8. Dog Tales has contacted both other intervening parties and has vowed to support them in any way needed if their applications to intervene are chosen in lieu of Dog Tales' application. The well-being of the dogs is the only concern, and any avenue to save these 21 lives should be explored.



For information contact:

Clare Forndran
Media Director

John Nunziata