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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 

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Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 


Running a rescue is hard work, and we can always use extra help! Many of our animals have never known love or kindness; only fear and pain. You can make a big difference in their lives by showing them that interacting with people can be a happy, positive experience. Get involved and be apart of our rescue mission!

We are currently accepting Dog Walking and Cleaning Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with Dog Tales please fill out the form below.

Volunteer Application Form

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Due to insurance and safety purposes, it is mandatory for all volunteers to be at least 18 years old.
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It is important that our volunteers come to spend time with the dogs on a regular basis. This will help work on trust with the rescue dogs.

Horse Volunteers

We are currently accepting horse volunteers. Due to the nature of the rescue horses, they can sometimes be more challenging to work with. To become a horse volunteer it is mandatory to have previous work/volunteer experience with horses. Please send your resume to and we will be in touch. Thank You!