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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 

On November 3rd, Show Your Support for 21 Dogs at Risk of Euthanasia.

For more than a year, the lives of 21 dogs have hung in the balance while they wait for the court to decide their fate. After repeated delays, our application to intervene will finally be heard on November 3rd. Please join us at this very important court date to show that you believe these dogs deserve a second chance. 




Morning Departure: 
Location: Dog Tales Rescue - 1405 19th Sideroad, King City, ON
Time: 6:30 AM
Destination: Chatham-Kent Provincial Offences Court - 21633 Communication Rd, Blenheim, ON

Afternoon Return
Location: Chatham-Kent Provincial Offences Court - 21633 Communication Rd, Blenheim, ON
Time: Around 1:00 PM
Destination: Dog Tales Rescue - 1405 19th Sideroad, King City, ON


More than one year ago, a group of 31 dogs were seized from an alleged dog fighting ring in Tilbury, Ontario. We were horrified that such a thing could happen so close to home, but so thankful that these dogs would finally have a second chance at life. Because of our extensive experience with rehabilitation, we immediately reached out to the Ontario SPCA and offered to take in all 31 dogs so that that they could be given the best chance at a happy life. Our offer was declined. Several months later we discovered that 3 of the dogs had been euthanized for medical and behavioural reasons, and that an application had been filed with the court to have 21 of the remaining dogs euthanized. It was at this time that we filed a formal application to intervene, in hopes of saving their lives and providing them with the opportunity to experience life as it should be. 

We quickly got to work assembling a team of world-renowned experts in behaviour modification to work alongside our team to ensure that each of the 21 dogs received the individual time and attention needed in order to provide the best possible chance of a positive outcome. Leading the enrichment team is Aimee Sadler - founder of Dogs Playing For Life and member of the International Association of Canine Professionals Hall of Fame. 

Ontario's discriminatory Breed Specific Legislation prevents us from housing the dogs at our King City location, and our provincial government has not yet considered granting a special designation which would allow the dogs to be housed at our shelter for transition to out-of-province homes, so we have secured a location in Florida where all of the dogs can be transferred in order to begin the enrichment process. 

We have made it clear that we intend to take full responsibility for these dogs, and that we will cover all costs associated with their relocation, care and training. 

Despite all of this, the case has been repeatedly delayed, and no progress has been made since our application was first filed before the court. In fact, until now, our intervenor application has not yet been heard. Meanwhile, 21 lives continue to hang in the balance. 

During each court appearance, dedicated animal advocates have gathered outside of the Chatham courthouse in support of these dogs. Sadly, as the delays have continued with no end in sight, attendance at these rallies has dropped, and recent media headlines have read: "Foot Traffic Dwindles For Tilbury Dog Support" and "Peaceful Demonstration Draws Few Participants". 

On November 3rd we return to court in Chatham so that our intervenor application can finally be heard. On this day, we would like to send a strong message to all involved that these dogs have not been forgotten, that support has not dwindled, and that countless animal advocates will continue to fight for their lives. 

So many of you have reached out to us over the past year to voice your support, and to let us know that you wish you could stand with us in Chatham but find it difficult to arrange transportation for such a long trip. Because these dogs are in need all of the support that they can get, we have chartered a bus to Chatham that will be leaving from our rescue at 6:30 AM on November 3rd. The bus can fit 50, and is scheduled to arrive in Chatham at 9:30 - half an hour in advance of the proceedings. We expect the proceedings to be finished by 1:00, with the bus returning to King City around 4:00. Any animal lover who wishes to reserve a seat on the bus can do so - and it's free

If you believe that these dogs deserve a second chance and would like to make your voice heard, please join us for this very important court date. Register for your seat below: