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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 


Adoption Information

Adoption Process

Providing a home to a dog in need is an incredibly rewarding experience, and we thank you for considering adoption. The adoption process begins with a visit to our rescue. Our kennels are open to the public every Sunday from 12 - 4 pm for potential paw-rents to view our available dogs and see which dogs would be the right fit. Our expert dog handlers are always on site to make recommendations and answer any questions you may have. If there is a dog that you fall in love with, the next step is to fill out an adoption application (below).  We will then spend some time getting to know you better to ensure that it is a match made in heaven. If you have other animals at home, the final step is a formal meet-and-greet at our rescue to ensure that everyone gets along. From start to finish, the adoption process will take 1-2 weeks. At Dog Tales, we pride ourselves in matching the right dogs with the right families so that once our dogs go home, they stay home.

When it doesn't work out

Our hope is that all homes are a forever home, however we understand that circumstances can change, and that sometimes it just isn't the right fit. Whether you discover this three days after the adoption, or three years after the adoption, we will always welcome our dogs back with open arms. Their well-being is our top concern.

Adoption Fee

Charging an adoption fee helps ensure that all adopters are taking the process seriously, and are not bringing home a dog on a whim. Before adopting a dog please consider the cost of proper food and veterinary care, and be sure that you are in a position to provide this long-term. The adoption fee for all of our dogs, regardless of age or breed, is $375.00 CAD.  It is mandatory to purchase a GPS for $80.00 provided by Dog Tales upon pickup.  All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. Your adoption includes a one hour private training session to ensure a smooth transition.

Adoption Application

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