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Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 

Open Letter to the Ontario SPCA

An open letter to the Ontario SPCA concerning the 31 dogs rescued from a fighting ring in Tilbury, Ontario. 


Open Letter to the Ontario SPCA

To Inspector Brad Dewar and the Ontario SPCA:



We are reaching out with regards to the 31 dogs seized from the dog-fighting ring in Tilbury, Ontario this past fall. We had previously made contact on November 7th offering our assistance, and have been waiting for an update on their status since that time. We were extremely saddened to read that an application was filed this week requesting the euthanasia of 21 of these dogs. These dogs have been rescued from a life of violence and abuse, and now, because of your important work, have the opportunity to experience a second chance at a happy life. We would like to ensure that they are given this chance. 


Once again, we would like to offer you our help. If you are able to grant us temporary reprieve from the laws preventing us from housing breeds banned under Ontario's Breed Specific Legislation, we are willing to house all 21 dogs in our world-class shelter, located just minutes away from your primary Newmarket location. While in our care, the dogs will receive veterinary care, high-quality food, exercise, and, of course, love. This will be provided by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary at no cost to the Ontario SPCA. Our expert trainer will work to rehabilitate the dogs while we actively search for appropriate homes in provinces not affected by BSL.


These dogs have endured unspeakable horrors, and they should not be punished for this.  Any behavioural issues currently present are a direct result of the abuse that they have suffered, and are in no way a reflection of their breed or nature. We believe that there is no question that these issues can be corrected with patience and the proper technique. We also believe that, if not properly addressed, these issues can worsen. Because of this, we feel strongly that these dogs will have the best chance of rehabilitation if in our care. 


We are willing and able to take the dogs at your earliest convenience, and look forward to hearing back. 



Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary