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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 

Home Is...

24 recently adopted dogs share what "home" is to them.


24 recently adopted dogs share what "home" is to them.

1. A best friend to sail the seven seas (or grass) with.
- Blue


2. Letting your sister win at cards.
- Chif


3. Finding excuses to stay in bed. 
- Lola


4. Taking the time to pamper myself. 
- Penelope


5. A different toy for every day of the week.
- Levi


6. A different toy to behead for every day of the week.
- Bowie


7. Making family photos extra cute. 
- Ralphie


9. A family willing to sacrifice their Xbox space to make me more comfortable. 
- Harvey


10. Weekends at the lake with the wind in my hair (but not in Dad's hair.)
- Finley


11. Long walks on the beach.
- Isha


12. A brother who's always willing to share his most prized stick. 
- Spot


13. The best scalp massage in all the land.
- Brielle


14. Learning that fish are friends...not food.
- Jake


15. Having a little brother who Lets Me know it's okay to be scared sometimes. 
- June


16. Finding new friends in the most unlikely places.
- Luca


17. Wearing sunglasses to hide from the "paw-parazzi."
- Lucy


18. Roadtrips !!!!
- Milky


19. Always getting to ride shotgun.
- Puma


20. Trying exotic new flavours and liking them.
- Chloe


21. A friend who's always down for a good nose boop.
- Rona


22. Finding out that you have to buy two pairs of shoes #discriminatoryshoemakers
- Crockett


23. Chillin' at the pool with a great book (and an even greater human!)
- Harriet


24. Being tucked in Every night.
- Ru