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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 




Richie is a male Collie Mix that is approximately 10-12 years old. Richie has lived in shelters his entire life and has never had a family before. Richie is a gently guy who is looking for a family that will finally love him to pieces. Richie is a tri-pod and must have lost one of his legs when he was a stray dog in Russia. He is currently being rehabilitated and learning how to walk with a prosthetic leg. He has so much potential and we are very hopeful that Richie will walk like a normal dog very soon. Richie is looking for the perfect family that will continue his rehabilitation and help him get comfortable enough to walk on his own. Richie needs a family with patience, time and love (something that he has never had the opportunity to experience before). He has waited his whole life for a chance to be loved unconditionally.