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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 




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Jenny is a female English Bulldog mix that is approximately 10 years old. There’s one lady who always brings a smile to our faces and that’s Jenny. Jenny is one of a kind in the very best way. She has an attitude that is nearly impossible not to share a smile with her over, she knows she how special she is. Jenny has a big dog personality but will sit on your feet as long as you will let her. Jenny came to us with her signature swinging walk (which you have to see to understand!) in July of this year, a senior Spanish Mastiff who we couldn’t help but fall for. In the past few months as we have gotten to know her, we have learned that she is sometimes mischievous in her pursuit of affection, she is happiest with people to dote on her, and that she will brighten your day no matter the circumstances even if hers have changed. Jenny was diagnosed with lymphoma in several parts of her body not so long ago and has quickly become very sick. Her cancer has spread, we are here and fighting with her. She is undergoing treatment to slow it’s progression. We know that Jenny should have a chance to have a family, to smile with her through the bad, and to celebrate when there are good days. We will continue to cover her medical expenses and arrange for her care as long as she can go home. Jenny needs an experienced home as sometimes she can have guarding tendencies, and would like to have adults around her. All Jenny wants is to go for lots of car rides, and would love for one to be the very best destination - a house of her own.