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1405 19th Sideroad
King, ON

Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! 



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Jax is a male Shepherd Mix, who is approximately 6 years of age. Jax has been the first dog that so many of our visitors see for many weeks now. His room in the kennel is in our front foyer, and he always seems to know when it is Sunday. While many of our dogs will bark and wag their tails at visitors walking up and down the kennel aisles, stick their paws out from under the glass asking for attention, enjoy a Kong, or choose to sleep during our Open Adoption Day - Jax does something different. Every week we watch him sit as tall as he possibly can, very proudly, but watching. He politely and enthusiastically will always say hello and acknowledge you when you approach his room, and then he returns to his patient waiting position. To watch him so intent on finding his family, and continuously being passed by is heartbreaking. It’s not that people don’t ask about him. Everyone wants to know more about the dog in the front who so immediately and emphatically adores everyone who comes to see our dogs. Once they find out that he doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs, despite his absolute love of people, they lose interest almost right away. When Jax came to us in May of this year, he had a venereal tumor in his nose and needed hip surgery. He fought through chemotherapy and is now cancer-free. His hip feels much better and he barely stops bouncing (especially when he knows a walk or breakfast is in his near future!) Jax should be surrounded by his very own family, who he will love unconditionally more than anyone.